With the development of HIV epidemics, the significance of HIV-positive contingents as risk groups for the development of TB increases, and the need of an intensification of preventive measures for these groups increases. The article presents the analysis of the epidemic situation of HIV-associated TB in region. The prevalence of HIV-positive population reached 95,3/100000. The author reveals the features of the prevalence and the clinical course of HIV-associated TB. The morbidity of the HIV-associated TB tends to increase from 0.97 to 1.7/100000. The author analyzes some domestic clinical guidelines and the guidelines of experts of the World Health Organization regarding the use of specific TB prophylaxis among HIV-positive people. As a result, the author recommends to exclude primary chemoprophylaxis in TB-negative patients and to use it as secondary, considering the risk factors, and with the use of no less than two antibacterial drugs in a regimen of test therapy.

DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2017-3-1-24-30
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