DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2020-7-1-0-6

Pharmacological effect of indolicidin-like peptides on vasoactive substances content in experimental periodontitis

Background: The anti-inflammatory effect of indolicidin-like peptides, which have a wide range of antimicrobial effects, has been already reported in several studies. The inflammation of the periodontium is accompanied by the endothelium injury and disorders of vasoactive substances formation. The investigation of the influence of potential periodontal protectors on the microcirculation and vasoactive substances production remains relevant. The aim of the study: To investigate the pharmacological effect of indolicidin-like peptides on the vasoconstrictor and vasodilator content in the animals with experimental periodontitis. Materials and methods: Experimental periodontitis was performed in accordance with the method proposed by A.I. Volozhin and S.I. Vinogradova. The pharmacological effect of indolicidin-like peptides N7 and N8 on the content of endothelin-1 in the homogenate of gum tissue and the concentration of nitric oxide decay substances in the plasma was studied. Rats with periodontitis were intraperitoneally injected with N7 and N8 peptides. The dose of peptides was 500 μg/ kg in 0.2 ml of normal saline once a day for 7 days. Results: The values of endothelin-1 and nitric oxide decay products in the rats with periodontitis enhanced from the 7th until the 21st day of the experiment. Indolicidin-like peptides administration decreased the mean values of endothelin-1 and nitric oxide decay products in the rats with periodontitis at the 2nd and the 3rd weeks of the experiment. Conclusion: The data obtained indicate that indolicidin-like peptides N7 and N8 have protective effect on the vasoconstrictor-vasodilator balance in periodontitis and there was no significant difference in their influence.

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