DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2021-7-2-0-1

Association of VEGFA, factor V and prothrombin gene polymorphisms with early pregnancy loss

Background: Many studies conducted to assess the associations between the gene polymorphisms of factor V, prothrombin, and vascular endothelial growth factor gene A and recurrent early pregnancy loss (REPL) have shown conflicting findings. The aim of the study: We designed this study and selected the most common polymorphisms that have been analyzed before, VEGFA −2578C/A (rs699947), VEGFA 936C/T (rs3025039), FVL G1691A (rs6025), and prothrombin FII G20210A (rs1799963) to be the candidate genetic polymorphisms for analysis of their association with idiopathic early pregnancy loss in Russian women. Materials and methods: 100 women with idiopathic early pregnancy loss were enrolled and classified into two subgroups: sporadic early pregnancy loss (SEPL), consisting of 50 women, and recurrent early pregnancy loss (REPL), consisting of 50 women. The control group included 56 women with full-term babies. Genotyping was performed using commercially available kits (Syntol, Russia) for Real time-PCR method. Genotype and allele distributions in studied groups were compared using the chi-square test and Fisher’s exact test. The tests and calculation of Odds ratio with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were conducted employing the statistical software SPSS, version 22. Results: The heterozygous genotype (CA) for VEGFA rs699947 was significantly associated with REPL. Findings have shown that women carrying the heterozygous genotype had a higher REPL risk (OR 9.04, 95% CI 4.33-18.7). No significant associations with SEPL or REPL were found for the other studied polymorphisms. Conclusion: Our findings suggest that heterozygosity for VEGFA rs699947 gene polymorphism may play a role in predisposition to idiopathic early pregnancy loss and can be a genetic risk factor for recurrent early miscarriage in Russian women.

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