DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2022-8-3-0-3

Study of the cytokine genes SNPs association with the characteristics of the immunological status of children with recurrent respiratory infection

Background: Herpesvirus infections are one of the most common human infections that play a special role in children with recurrent respiratory infection cohort formation. The immunological status of such children is characterized by an imbalance in all links of immunity. The aim of the study: To study the immunological status of RRI children and to analyze the association of SNP -330T>G in IL2 and -1082G>A in IL10 with the relative and absolute values of the main subpopulations of lymphocytes. Materials and methods: In our study, we enrolled 76 children between 10 and 17 years old who had acute respiratory infections at least 5 times a year. Flow cytometry was used for lymphocyte subpopulations analysis. Polymorphic variants were determined by allele-specific PCR. Results: In anti-NA EBV IgG and anti-CMV IgG positive children with AA genotype for the -1082G>A IL10 polymorphism the average relative number of B-lymphocytes was 9.6%, which is below normal values (р=0.01). The average number of B-lymphocytes for heterozygotes was 12.4% (р=0.01). In the subgroup children with GG genotype, the average number of B-lymphocytes was 16.7% (р=0.01). In children with AA genotype the average level of NK cells was 19.3% (р=0.04). Children with GG genotype had lower level of NK cells (10.9%) (р=0.04). Conclusion: Our studies revealed a relationship between the immune status indicators and the genotypes for the -1082G>A IL10 polymorphism in anti-NA EBV IgG and anti-CMV IgG positive RRI children group. The -1082AA genotype of the IL10 is associated with a decrease in the relative and absolute number of B-lymphocytes, as well as with an increase in the relative number of NK cells. RRI children with -1082GG genotype tend to increase the relative and absolute number of B-lymphocytes, and to decrease the relative number of NK-cells.

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