DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2022-8-4-0-3

Association of the rs10508336 polymorphism of the TAF3 transcription factor gene with the risk of lower limb arterial disease in the Russian population

Background: Atherosclerosis obliterans (AO) and diabetic angiopathy (DA) are known to be peripheral artery diseases (PAD) of multifactorial origin, in which genetic and environmental factors play a synergetic role. TAF3 is one of the genes that has been found to be associated with PAD. The aim of the study: To analyze the association of the rs10508336 polymorphism of the TAF3 gene with the risk of PAD in the Russian population. Materials and methods: The study involved 1261 patients, including 642 healthy subjects and 619 PAD patients. All patients were recruited at the Vascular Surgery Division of the Kursk Regional Clinical Hospital. Isolation of genomic DNA was carried out by chloroform extraction and precipitation with ethanol. Genotyping was carried out on the basis of the Research Institute of Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology of KSMU using a MassARRAY-4 time-of-flight genomic mass spectrometer (Agena Bioscience, USA). Results: We found that polymorphism rs10508336 is associated with an increased risk of developing bilateral peripheral atherosclerosis exclusively in smokers (P<0.05). The polymorphism was found to be statistically significantly associated with an increased risk of DA (OR=1.59, 95% CI 1.02-2.46, P=0.045). Furthermore, an association of the rs10508336-A allele with an increase in blood glucose levels in PAD was observed (P=0.01). Conclusion: In the Russian population, an association of the rs10508336 polymorphism of the TAF3 gene with an increased risk of AO, hyperglycemia, and diabetic angiopathy was revealed for the first time. The identified associations point out a possible relationship between carbohydrate metabolism and atherosclerotic processes in the determination of peripheral arterial diseases.

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