DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2016-2-2-17-21


A great experience of medicinal herbs usage in the pediatric dentistry practice has been gained to treat a huge amount of various diseases. Phytotherapy has been used since the appearance of medicine by itself and is still a popular method of dentistry cure. During a long period of time using medicinal herbs was the only way to treat a whole range of pathologies. This fact made it possible to get much knowledge of how to use a healing power of plants in dentistry practice, including the practice of pediatric dentistry. Different aspects of using medicinal herbs in stomatological practice are illustrated in this article. The range of herbs and drugs made of them aimed at treating specific diseases of mouth cavity are described. We focused our attention on the usage of certain herbs to prevent and treat caries, parodontitis, and gingivitis.

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