DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2017-3-4-30-38


Up to know plant raw material and drugs based on it (tinctures, extracts, highly purified extracts, individual substance drugs) play an important role in pharmacotherapy of many chronic and continuous sluggish human diseases. As it was presented in our study phytodrugs amount up to 25 % from the total number of registered drugs in Russia and depending to their content distributed in following order: “Combination drugs” (8,54 %), “Extraction drugs (extracts, tinctures, oils)” (5,27 %), “Individual substance drugs” (5,00 %), “Medicinal plant raw material” (3,95 %), “Highly purified extracts” (1,91 %). The most frequently drug dosage forms have been found: between solid dosage forms were tablets (7,36 %), capsules (1,68 %), powders/granules (0,91 %), between liquid dosage forms were solutions (3,65 %), tinctures (2.3 %), extracts (0,32%), and between plant raw materials were herbs (1,02 %), leaves (0,82 %), collections (0,62 %), flowers (0,45 %), fruits (0,32 %) and roots/rhizomes (0,30 %). It was found that most of phytodrugs belong to following pharmacotherapy groups: A Alimentary tract and metabolism (5,62 %), N Nervous system (5,06 %), R Respiratory system (4,24 %), C Cardiovascular system (2,96 %), and L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents (2,76 %). It was noted that diseases of these systems belong to widespread in human, and drugs have stable demand. It was found that approximately 2,4 % of phytodrugs (from all number of registered drugs in Russia) in form of “Individual substance drugs” belong to group of life–saving drugs that is used for treatment of oncology diseases.

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