Stress-protective activity of Astragalus physodes extract on the model of «social» stress

Volume 9, Issue №3, 2023
Background: In recent decades, in the conditions of human existence, special attention has been paid to the problem of stress and the body's response to the impact of ...

Effect of pyrimidine derivative on cytokine levels in experimental generalized staphylococcal infection

Volume 9, Issue №3, 2023
Background: To date, bacterial infections caused by microorganisms characterized by antibiotic resistance are one of the leading causes of the protracted course of infectious and inflammatory diseases that ...


Volume 9, Issue №2, 2023
Background: The widespread prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS) is becoming a serious problem for the population around the world, increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes ...

Correction of mitochondrial dysfunction with cinnamic acids in experimental hypercytokinemia

Volume 8, Issue №3, 2022
Background: Mitochondrial dysfunction is an essential component of the hypercytokine neurotoxicity pathogenesis and is a promising pharmacotherapeutic target. The aim of the study: To evaluate the effect of ...

Effect of sodium-glucose cotransporter type 2 inhibitors on the dynamics of functional and structural disorders in the simulation of post-contrast acute kidney injury

Volume 8, Issue №1, 2022
Background: Sodium-glucose cotransporter type 2 inhibitors have significantly changed nephroprotection strategies in various categories of patients over the past few years. However, there is no data on ...

Correction of hypertensive retinal changes in rats with Semax

Volume 7, Issue №3, 2021
Background: Currently, there are no drugs for the specific treatment of hypertensive retinal changes. The main therapy is for the treatment of a systemic disease – hypertensive ...

Study on the antioxidant capacity of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis decoction in vivo in Mus musculus var. albino

Volume 7, Issue №2, 2021
Background: In humans, many diseases including cancer are associated with the accumulation of free radicals. Antioxidants can scavenge free radicals and minimize those impacts. Therefore, the antioxidants are ...

Pharmacological effect of indolicidin-like peptides on vasoactive substances content in experimental periodontitis

Volume 7, Issue №1, 2021
Background: The anti-inflammatory effect of indolicidin-like peptides, which have a wide range of antimicrobial effects, has been already reported in several studies. The inflammation of the periodontium is ...

Morphofunctional changes in the retina when modeling the glaucoma process in rats

Volume 6, Issue №4, 2020
Background: Neuroprotective approaches are considered to be the most promising among existing modern directions in the development of antiglaucomatous drugs. The aim of the study: The detection of ...
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