DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2015-1-4-97-101


Today, humanity is experiencing another round of interest naturotsevtike and exploring new types of plant material, introducing them to the official medicine in the form of drugs and biologically active food additives becomes impossible as a timely and reasonable. In this regard, in our field of vision were outstanding representatives of gymnosperms - junipers. However, at present in the domestic scientific medicine is only the practical application of Juniperus - J. communis L., whose fruit (shishkoyagody) are included in the GF XI edition as a diuretic. The use of other types of medicine juniper not provided standard documentation. Presented in this article materials convincingly proved by the example of the genus Juniperus L. prospect not only to further the objective of studying the huge number of plants from the standpoint of pharmacognosy and pharmacology in general, but also the need for a thorough analysis of previously acquired knowledge, including empirically derived data, recipes traditional medicine. In this connection the introduction of pharmaceuticals to eligible new global trends and the corresponding term "Pharmaceutically remake."

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