DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2016-2-4-89-94


The article presents the results of a marketing research of assortment of biologically active supplements (BAS) on the Russian market. It also provides a classification and characterization of the BAS. BAS is a concentrate of natural or identical to natural biologically active substances intended for direct reception or introduction into the food composition in order to enrich the diet with biologically active substances or their complexes. Biologically active food supplements are usually obtained from plant, animal or mineral raw materials as well as chemical or biotechnological methods (the Ministry of Health order № 117 dated 15.04.1997) “On the procedure of examination and hygienic certification of biologically active food supplements"). Dietary supplements have an important advantage over drugs: the latter can sometimes cause changes that are not characteristic of a healthy body, and supplements regulate the body within normal limits, as they are natural or identical to natural substances. Dietary supplements are gaining prevalence in the diet of different population groups. What is more, the phenomenon can be observed both in Russia and in other economically developed countries. One of the main causes of use of dietary supplements is significant violations of the quality and structure of the modern human nutrition. Dietary supplements quickly fill the Russian pharmaceutical market, occupying the second place after pharmaceuticals. In addition, about 20% of manufacturers of dietary supplements are manufacturers of drugs. Thus, the article found confirmation of the belief that dietary supplements can extend the range of pharmacy, thereby increasing the satisfaction of visitors of pharmacies, improving the quality of pharmaceutical care of the population.

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