DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2017-3-1-48-55


The article presents the results of a pharmacoeconomic study of assortment of medicinal preparations for the treatment of stomatitis on the local pharmaceutical market. Stomatitis is a collective name of diseases of the mucosa of the oral cavity, a variety of the cause and clinical manifestations. The classification of stomatitis is based on various symptoms: 1) by clinical course: - acute; - chronic 2) the nature of morphological changes -initial (catarrhal, fibrinous, alternative and proliferative inflammation - secondary (erosion, aphthae, ulcers, blemishes, scars). 3) due to the occurrence: - damage resulting from mechanical, physical and chemical injury (abrasion, AFTA Bednar, radiation, chemical and thermal burns); - disease caused by infections: viral (herpes, measles, varicellous thrush), bacterial (streptococcal, scarlet fever, tuberculous, gonorrheal stomatitis), fungal (thrush, chronic oral thrush), spirochaetes and fusospirochetal flora (syphilis, ulcerative-necrotic stomatitis Vincent); - diseases caused by allergic reactions at contact, microbial and drug allergies; - changes of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity in some systemic diseases and diseases of metabolism. 4) the nature of the lesion: - stomatitis of the tongue; - ulcerative stomatitis; - stomatitis of the gums; - stomatitis of the throat; - catarrhal stomatitis; - vesicular stomatitis; - prosthetic stomatitis. The risk of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity is in the fact that in the early stages of development, they are virtually asymptomatic, because they do not cause any pain. According to statistics, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (inflammation of the structures of the periodontal ligament and bone, alveolar bone) account for 94-96% of all periodontal diseases. The periodontium is a complex of tissues that surround the tooth and provide a reliable fixing it in the jaw bones: gums, periodontal ligament fibers, the surface layer of the cement of the roots of the teeth and bones of alveolar processes of the jaw [8, 17, 22].

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