DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2018-4-4-0-4

Perspective materials for drug delivery in the ophthalmic dosage form: a short review of polymers for electrospinning

Background: The traditional ophthalmological dosage forms have a low bioavailability, a rapid precorneal clearance and a low corneal permeability. The gelling system or system with a prolonged action (prolonged eye-drops) may be overcome by the application of fibers. An innovative dosage form was described for ophthalmology and perspective drug development. The authors also conducted an overview of the polymers investigated in the production of films or tablets for oral dosage forms. The properties of fibers revealed fundamental differences from polymers. Combining different properties of pharmaceutical formulations appears to offer a synergy in bioavailability and sustained release with very comfortable conditions of use and prolonged action. Novel formulations, such as prolonged eye-drops and gels or thinnest films for the eye, will be developed and tested in vitro studies. This enhancement stipulates for perspective pharmaceutical development. The aim of the study: To describe the main types of fibers for the development of a potential ophthalmological dosage form. Materials and methods: The review of the articles with high CiteScore rating in Scopus and Web of Science. CiteScore is a simple way of measuring the citation impact of sources. Tasks: to describe suitable polymers for development of ocular dosage forms prepared by electrospinning. Results: The results of the review of the most useful polymers show that in most cases all polymers are used together. A huge number of ophthalmologic pathologies call for a correct approach to each nosology in each case. Conclusion: The electrospinning method will stipulate for the future development of customized tools for the treatment of ophthalmic pathologies. The development of an ophthalmic insert with the possible introduction of several medicinal substances depending on the condition of each patient is promising.

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