DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2019-5-3-0-10

Long-term effects and development of psychosexuality in people – victims of sexual abuse

Background: Numerous studies show the disorganizing effect of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence in all areas of mental activity. Episodes of sexual abuse remain in the memory for a long time, affecting self-esteem, perception of one’s own body, as well as the further development and nature of future relationships with others. The aim of the study: To identify some features of the actual sexual behavior of 18-25-year-old females and males, who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence. Materials and methods: 395 18-25-year-old people (239 females, 156 males) were surveyed by questioning, a quarter of whom suffered episodes of involvement in sexual activities in childhood and adolescence, both of intrafamily and extrafamily types, moreover none of the victims appealed for help to law enforcement agencies and medical professionals, there were isolated cases of psychological assistance. The study is based on the clinical psychopathological, sexological and statistical methods. Results: The authors identified a decrease in self-esteem and changes in the perception of their own bodies both in males and females with the desire to make significant changes in their appearance in 53% of men and 25% of women who were repeatedly sexually abused. There were also revealed difficulties with the achievement of orgasmic discharge in 13.3% of men who have been subjected to sexual abuse on several occasions, and 10% of women reported similar problems. Violations of the formation of the third stage of psychosexual development were noted, namely violations of sexual preferences by gender and object were detected, the desire for homosexual relations was realized in 13% of men and 16% of women who had repeatedly suffered sexual abuse. In addition, psychological problems associated with maintaining long-term harmonious relationships within a couple were identified. Conclusion: The postponed sexual abuses in childhood and adolescence affect the characteristics of the formation of the third stage of psychosexuality, the sexual preferences of those who have suffered such abuses.

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