DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2020-7-1-0-5

Features of gene control of blood pressure in patients with hypertensive disorders during pregnancy

Background: Chronic arterial hypertension and preeclampsia are multifactorial pathologies, in the development of which many groups of genes are involved in combination with negative environmental influence. The aim of the study: To study molecular genetic markers of an increased risk of developing hypertensive disorders during pregnancy will make it possible to timely form a risk group for early prevention of possible complications. Materials and methods: A study of the polymorphism of genes controlling vascular wall tone was performed using real-time polymerase chain reaction in 49 patients, who were pregnant against the background of chronic arterial hypertension, and 42 women with chronic arterial hypertension and preeclampsia. Results:AGT 704C, CYP11B2 C(-344)T, GNB3 825T/Т variants were shown in patients with chronic arterial hypertension and joined preeclampsia in the genotype significantly more often than in women with chronic arterial hypertension. Conclusion: The presence of these negative polymorphisms in the genotype of a pregnant woman is combined with resistance to a single-component antihypertensive therapy, which requires the appointment of a combined treatment regimen for this category of patients to achieve the target blood pressure level.

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