DOI: 10.18413/2658-6533-2021-7-2-0-2

Association of polymorphism of genes STAT3, IL10 and IL12B with a viral load in women with human papillomavirus

Background: HPV infection leads to an imbalance of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, which contributes to the long-term persistence of the virus in infected cells. The aim of the study:To investigate the association of polymorphisms of genes STAT3 G>C (rs2293152), IL10 -1082 G>A (rs1800896)and IL12B 1188A>C (rs3212227) with a high viral load of human Papillomavirus (HPV), and the influence of gene-gene interactions on the human papillomavirus prolonged infection. Materials and methods: 104 women with a high HPV load and 110 healthy women were involved in a case-control study. Genotyping of SNPs for IL10 -1082G>A, IL12B 1188A>C was performed by allele-specific PCR; the rs2293152 STAT3 G>C gene was carried out by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP). Gene-gene interactions were analyzed using the multifactor dimensionality reduction (MDR) algorithm. Results: The study of single individual SNPs of the STAT3 G>C (rs2293152), IL10 -1082 G>A (rs1800896) and IL12B 1188A>C (rs3212227) genes did not reveal a statistically significant difference in genotypes and alleles frequencies in women with a high HPV load and the control group. The MDR analysis showed a significance of intergenic interactions of the studied loci rs2293152 – rs1800896 – rs3212227 for the formation of a high HPV load (OR=2.62, 95%=1.51-4.57, p=0.0006, pbonf =0.002). Conclusion: The interaction of genes STAT3 (rs2293152) – IL10 (rs1800896) – IL12B (rs3212227) is associated with the risk of a high HPV load in women.

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