DOI: 10.18413/2313-8955-2018-4-4-0-6

Development of the composition and analysis of suppositories of antihemorrhoidal action

Background: The study is devoted to the development of composition and assessment of the quality of two-layered suppositories with an oil extract of rowanberries (Sorbus aucuparia) and a liquid extract of ginkgo biloba leaves. The direct venotropic action of the flavonoid complex in combination with astringent, hemostatic, capillary-strengthening and regenerating action of the active components of Sorbus aucuparia has a complex effect on inflammatory foci of the mucosa, thereby increasing microcirculation and tone in the vascular wall, therefore, the joint use of biologically active substances of plants gives a positive result in the therapy of diseases of the rectum. The aim of the study:is to develop a composition of two-layer suppositories with an oil extract of rowanberries and a liquid extract of ginkgo biloba leaves for the treatment of diseases of the rectum. The investigated composition of suppositories is supposed to have an antihemorrhoidal effect. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the problems: to determine the effect of the base composition by the dialysis method through a semipermeable membrane, to release active substances from suppositories. A number of qualitative reactions were used for the qualitative detection of flavonoids. Using spectrophotometry, we determined the concentration of liberation of flavonoids from the resulting dosage form. Materials and methods: The release of flavonoids was qualitatively determined using a number of reactions, including a cyanidic sample, reaction with aluminum chloride and caustic alkalis, and TLC. Quantitatively, the flavonoids were determined by spectrophotometry (wavelength 365 nm). Pharmacopoeial methods for determining the melting point and dissolution time were also used. Results: Thus, the composition of suppositories of two-layered active complexes of plant objects was developed. Conclusion: Biopharmaceutical and technological studies were carried out proving the compliance of received suppositories with quality standards.

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